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Speech! Speech!

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Speech! Speech!

Post by Jason on 1st April 2010, 11:09 am

As most of you know, Regis started CC after his old board the TEP failed. The TEP was originally started by Regis because the ToO wasn't gonna give him the admin experience he wanted. I imagine he wanted to provide another place for aio fans. Another place that fans could get to know each other, have discussions on different things, sometimes random things. Another place to discuss AIO (I like that part the most, most of my friends haven't even heard of Odyssey.) and most importantly to give God the glory for the things he has done. The TEP was quite active for the first few months, but then activity began withering away. And he saw no point in keeping it alive. Then we made the move to here. Campbell County. I for one was more active here. This place has furthered my knowledge of how some things on a message board work, and I have grown to really like the users of this board. The chemistry among us is somewhat different than the ToO. I know a lot of you weren't even aware of TEP. But from what I have read into Regis this place means a lot to him. Especially since his first attempt failed. So for him to make this kind of decision...well he must have given it a lot of thought. Even if he didn't give the rest of the admins a heads up......
We should stick together though. Unite and try to show Regis the importance of this board. If we fail...well there's always the ToO...I guess.



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Re: Speech! Speech!

Post by Rose on 1st April 2010, 11:31 am

Nice speech, Jason.

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Re: Speech! Speech!

Post by MAINE on 1st April 2010, 12:38 pm

Very good speeh Jason, thanks.

CC, unlike TEP, has been getting more activity each month. New members in March-24. Febuary had 11. New posts in March-3007. The newer members are post a lot. I've been here for about 2 months and I've posted almost 900 times. Limegreengal postes 317. Court Jester 242. This place is getting more and more active.
If you feel like you're handling to much, give more people more responsibility on here to help you. I'm more then willing to help out here. I DO NOT want this place shut down. I like it far better then ToO.

FYI: I LOVE cats.
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Re: Speech! Speech!

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