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AIO Marketing

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AIO Marketing

Post by Bren on 7th August 2013, 6:42 pm

How do you guys feel about AIO marketing as of late? It seems to me that all they are doing is a bunch of cheesy contests. Along the contests line, think about this. When the AIO ambassadors are named, they'll be shoved down our throats like Shona has been with the commercials. If you think about the Odyssey Adventure Club, that kind of has to be released before they release the download version of album 57. As a fellow fan site creator pointed out, if the album points to a club that isn't there, they will lose money. That crushes the hearts of millions *cough* who were expecting the album this week and let's hope they still go with that. My point is this is not the AIO I grew up loving. The official podcast has changed a lot and I haven't found it as informative about the show itself as of late. It just irks me and I'm curious what others think.

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Re: AIO Marketing

Post by AudPod on 7th August 2013, 6:51 pm


Seriously, amen. I completely agree. And they're probably going to do something even more annoying next year.

I've been saying stuff like this since November, and I find that most of the younger fans disagree, and a lot of people 14+ agree with me. I think it's because sometimes we forget that AIO is meant to be for younger kids, sadly. So, of course, the younger kids will like it.

I'm only a few years older than the target age, but I still feel like an old AIO fan who misses the old AIO social media. Not specifically the old AIO, but when their contests weren't shoved down your throat. And while people on social networking might not agree with Bren, mostly because they aren't exposed to everything, I do. Even if you aren't on social networks, it's on the podcasts, and websites, and forums, etc. 

So, yeah, totally agree.

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