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Heart Breaker

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Heart Breaker

Ooh how my heart breaks about sooo many things. The world for one, the homosexuals?? Oh my word!! I cried like a baby last night about that even, me and one of my besties were reading articles about it, and as i read them the tears just wouldn't stop. I finally did some soul searching, and a bit of my own studying about this, we wonder why people would ever do that, and I believe i found some reasons!
1. Attention: sure attracts our eyes, but is that good?
2. Insecurity: They aren't secure being who they are, a girl wants to be a boy, then becomes gay, there you have it.
3. Rejecting God: This is the number one thing. Read Romans chapter in your Bible. Homosexuality is God's wrath. Guess America's is having God's wrath huh?
4. Popularity: They think they'll be popular for living in this sin...
Just pray for these people, ok? They are going to hell, like any sinner that hasn't been saved is.

Ok! Next topic that is a heart breaker for me, well it's prolly just me being in self pity, but i posted in the "Post a picture of your awesome self" topic, and well, i'm sure you've heard it before, but i HATE how i look with passion, I finally learned how to wear concealer, blush, and if i can get away with it even mascara. But as i took pics for you guys yesterday, only one pic was acceptable. You see, i wasn't born with good looks like most of you gals here. With stubby thumbs, [you need to see my thumbs, they are very short!! and stubby!] along with straight hair that i never ever wear down unless in my home, and blue eyes that i wish were green, beauty seemed to be miles away. Would i ever be beautiful? Even then, i wasn't happy. I have finally discovered something, even if i never reach beauty on earth, i have something many beautiful girls don't have, a true beauty because of Christ. Yeah, I get i wont ever be gorgeous, I totally get that, but now, i don't care. Sure i'll grab my concealer and blush every morning along with a bit of lipstick, but i know even if i dont think i'm beautiful, i have a creator who loves me anyway. He made me with blue eyes, with dirty blonde....straight hair, for a reason, why? I don't know. Guess he has a reason tho. Now this wasn't for you guys to post "Mary don't say that!!" I don't need it. One day, someday soon, my Savior will say i'm beautiful, and that my friends, will be one glorious day indeed.
Hope you enjoyed this blog, i haven't done as well as i used to, but I"m trying. Have a good day guys!
                                                             The Dreamer of Dreams

"Girl, you are beautiful! So smile! Because someone might be falling in love with it!" <3
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Post on 29th June 2013, 11:40 am by underseasie

Awww, you're pretty inside and out, Mary...Wink
Sometimes I wish I could wear make-up... but other times it seems like such a big bother...

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Post on 29th June 2013, 12:35 pm by Thor's Hammer

Wait just a second I like blue eyes more than green. Never assume that you don't look good. I had the same problem before.

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Post on 29th June 2013, 11:50 pm by Maria

Ooh thanks rosey, ooh dont, once you do, you hate yourself with out it.... ooh whatev thor... Wink

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