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Loving Tears

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Loving Tears

Hey all! So I'm gonna try something new, I wanna write more fun things. Please comment and tell me what you think! Each day I'll take on a new identity, like today I'll be taking Wendy Darling, tomorrow, well thats a surprise! (: So enjoy!

Oh why hello there! My name is Wendy Darling. Why am I sitting by my window you ask? Well, I'll tell you why. Have a seat! Not that long ago, at least a month ago, I had the most exciting journey, Peter Pan showed up and took my brothers and I to Never Land! Oh how delightful it was! I got to be the lost boys' Mother! There were beautiful mermaids in the Lagoon, stars that danced through the night, and the most wonderful part, you never had to grow old! You stayed the same age you were when you got there, forever! And oh what fun me and my brothers had! Except, of course when Tinker Bell had the lost boys through sticks and stones at me which caused me to fall. Oh but then Peter saved me! Oh how thrilling it was to be in his arms! Peter Pan banished Tinker Bell though, which made me feel sad, oh how I longed to befriend that kind Fairy, but she knew I had feelings for Peter as she did, so I suppose she had every right to hate me so. I didn't like the Indians, or Hook for that matter. He tried to kill Peter at least 8 times! In one day! It was dreadful! But Peter, oh how strong and courageous he was! He even threw Hook to the crocodile! But Mr. Smee of course saved him, and Peter then saved the Indian Chief's daughter, Tiger Lily, and a good thing he did! Or else the lost boys and my brothers would have been goners! You see, the Indians captured them when Tiger Lily was taken by Caption Hook, and if they didn't tell the chief where she was, they would be burned to the stake at sundown! We had a peace treaty with the chief after we returned his daughter, the tribe sang and danced and we all joined in! Till one of the Indian women made me get fire wood, it was awful! And Tiger Lily kissed my dear Peter on the cheek! Oh how I wanted to have a good word with her! That night, Peter, the lost boys, my brothers, and of course myself got home, but Michal and Jon started to miss our mother, and the lost boys didn't know what a real mother was! I felt such sadness for them! So as soon as I told them, they wanted to come home with us! Peter didn't like this idea, but he let them anyway. But as soon as we walked out the door that dreadful Caption Hook captured us! But of course, Peter saved us and had that nasty Caption thrown over board to the crocodile! Peter then took us home, the lost boys almost came with us, but they decided they weren't truly ready to grow up. *smiles and laughs* Oh well, I'm sure they will someday. But, *sighs as tears gently fall* My dear Peter promised to come back for me, but he hasn't. Would I betray him if I grow up? I'm growing more into a woman each day, and the thought of growing up and never seeing Peter again scares me so. My heart belongs to Peter, but the thought of never growing up sounds a bit sad, like you're missing out on something sweet. So this is why I sit by my window every night, just waiting for Peter to come back for me. I long to hear him say my name again with that sweet voice of his. I long to be a mother to the Lost boys, just for a day or more. And if I ever go back to Never Land, I don't know if I'll ever come home again, I would love to stay where "dreams are born, and time is never planned". Peter, if your there, listening to my dear words, Please, please, come back to me, I will wait for you.

There, so you like it??? Very Happy Just something I thought of, any character suggestions??

"Girl, you are beautiful! So smile! Because someone might be falling in love with it!" <3
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Post on 5th June 2013, 9:55 pm by Samansa14

Aw. That was wonderful, sis. Made my day. It was sad, and sweet, and all kinds of emotional. I both teared up a bit and smiled as I read it. You captured her very well, as well as showing your own thoughts and feelings in her.

You're a fantastic writer. Keep it up. ^_^

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Post on 6th June 2013, 1:45 pm by Thor's Hammer

Not at all bad. Keep it up and work on you skill as a writer.

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