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The craving part 1

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The craving part 1

Ok, lets really break this down ladies. Last time we discussed our guy craving. But actually, did you know when you crave something, you are lacking nourishment and you cant stop that craving unless you truly fill it? It's true, you may be like "Duh, i know that, I crave sweets, so I'll go fill that crave with sweets." Na uh!! When you crave sweets, you body is crying out for calcium. When you crave guys, your heart is actually craving God. Simple as 1 2 3. So, how do you get this craving filled? Well, I'll do my best to tell you, i didn't make this up, I read it in a called "Get lost", By Dannah Gresh, so alot of my methods are from her. Anyway..... I am going to ask you to do something that is really hard. I know cuz i did this. I want you to give up guys for 10 days. Yep, 10, not 1, not 2, not 5, 10. Not ignore them when they talk to you, just not think about them, not write about them in your journal, nothing. Yeah, it's hard. Maybe your like "What???? I like live for guys!!!" Then you really need to give them up, girlfriend. Or maybe your like "Ooh good, guys are so lame." Well, you need this to. Lets look at why we want a guy so much. The greatest craving and desire for women, young and old, is for a man. Why? Because of Eve. Remember her? Yeah, she sinned by eating that fruit? Uh huh...we know it. But listen to what God said to her, he said "Your desire shall be for your husband", Eureka! [Love that word!!!] God said we would have this desire!! Crazy huh? Well, yeah guys want a girlfriend, but they dont have a craving! Doesn't it make sense? We have a craving, so we go to guys, chocolate, chick flicks or love stories to fill it up. It's kind of sad. But God wants to fill it! So lets get lost, together in him. We need to remember who God is, yeah we know he loves us, he has a son who died and rose again, but lets start at the beginning, The God of the universe, ok, try to wrap this around your brain, The God of the whole world, said "Let there be light" and there was light! From nothing!! He could breath, and there would be stars, he could blink and there would be clouds, he could think and then bam! There would be a sun! That shows us God's power. Then oh wow....then God wanted to make someone special, someone in his image, someone how would have a wild spirit, someone strong, someone who could laugh and smile, someone with creativity like himself, that would be man. Yep! The thing we are giving up for 10 days? Yeah....haha. Then, this man named Adam, well, he got lonely, all the animals had a partner, Adam wanted one to, so God made.........woman! Yep!!! That's us ladies! Where am I getting at? Well, God made us with a craving for him. God wanted us to have that. So we could be friends with him. And thats what we will be working on next time. Just make a commitment to God, write it down. "I will give up guys for 10 days so I may spend time with God" Alright, thats all for now....I'll write soon!
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The craving part 1 :: Comments


Post on 23rd May 2013, 1:22 pm by underseasie

Oh, cool Mary! I'll have to see if I can get that book from our library...
Maria wrote:When you crave sweets, you body is crying out for calcium.
Hmm..I've never heard of that before. That's pretty cool.

Maria wrote: Or maybe your like "Ooh good, guys are so lame."
^Describes all unrelated boys I know in real life right now^
(Not on here, but all the boys who go to my church are so immature)

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