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Arkán's Letter of Concession.

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Arkán's Letter of Concession.

Post by Arkán Dreamwalker on 1st April 2013, 2:54 am

Well, that's that. I read the announcement of the results, and it started to rain. I hope that doesn't portend anything. I had several different emotions, but what came out the strongest was a sadness, that the people of Campbell County didn't believe that I was the best for the job. How true is it that one never gets to do what one is perfect for... But well. Let them reap what they have sowed. May it be good. Jesus Freak, underseasie, take care of them. They are yours to guard now. Keep them from viruses and hackers safe, and make their internet pathway smooth. Give them fun, and give them work. Serve them to your best ability, they are yours as well as Bren's now. Guide them in the light, and just plain do your best. Good luck you two, you'll need it. Best wishes and congratulations to the two newest Admins of CC.

~Arkán Dreamwalker, Ex-Candidate. 3/31/13

Arkán and Sammy14 besters 4 ever
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Arkán Dreamwalker

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Re: Arkán's Letter of Concession.

Post by Bren on 1st April 2013, 3:20 am

It was a pretty tight race between you guys and Island Rose. Though if you stick around, I bet at some point you'll get office. Took me at least 6 attempts on ToO.

CC Founder
CC Founder

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Re: Arkán's Letter of Concession.

Post by Thor's Hammer on 1st April 2013, 3:53 pm

Well it does hurt a little not to have been chosen but I will be back.

I hates Emily

Thor's Hammer

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Re: Arkán's Letter of Concession.

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