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CCWN Edition II, Issue II, 2/18/13

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CCWN Edition II, Issue II, 2/18/13

Post by capeng on 18th February 2013, 4:19 pm

County Weekly News



February 11, this post appeared on the scene in the Valentine's Day

event isn't strictly Valentine's, and may last way longer than the
party, actually.

All you do is sign up, and you will be
assigned a random pens pals partner. It'll be 100% random, so I can't
do requests. Pretty much, your assignment will be to communicate over
PMs, and get to know each other.

There's no prize, in fact,
no way to win, but if things go well, you'll have a friendship.

run my magic random number generator on February 18, one week from
today (provided, of course, I remember to do it
) “

several citizens of Campbell County signed up for the aforementioned
event, and waited.

Sko failed to forget. On the 17th, Sko posted this:

“Okay, I'm going to do the random
pairing tomorrow. Any last-minute applications? “

accepting a last minute application, Sko went radio silence. All we,
the people of Campbell County, can do now, is wait and wonder about
the results.

Other News...

Friday, February 15, at around 9:20 am, a meteorite made a surprise
appearance in the area around
Russia when it exploded in the atmosphere, raining down millions of
meteorite slivers, and sending a shock wave through the area that
broke more than 1 million square feet of glass, and injured more than
1100 people. In the aftermath of the tragedy, there is what is
sometimes described as the equivalent of a “gold rush” for
meteorite fragments, some of which are worth up to $2,200 per gram,
which is 4 times the worth of gold, according to Dmitry Kachkalin, a
member of the Russian Society of Amateur Meteorite Lovers. A
sense of humor now prevails about the meteorite, as jokes are being
cracked throughout the country concerning Friday's events. One of
the most popular jokes was that the meteorite was supposed to fall on
Dec. 21 last year -- when many believed the Mayan calendar predicted
the end of the world -- but was delivered late by Russia's
notoriously inefficient postal service.

the week, a dramatic manhunt has been playing out in California in
the area of La Palma and Big Bear Lake, primarily. Christopher
Dorner, an ex-LAPD police officer was relieved of duty as LAPD
officer after he reported a fellow officer as having used excessive
force in July of 2007. On February 3, Monica Quan and her boyfriend
were found killed in their vehicle in a parking garage. Ms. Quan's
father was the LA officer who bungled Dorner's appeal for getting his
job back. On the 6
Dorner was officially named a suspect in the killings. Later that
day, Dorner attempted to steal a boat from San Diego, but failed. He
subsequently fled, accidentally leaving his ID card and detective
badge in a San Diego airport. In a town named Corona, two officers
were assigned to protect an individual that Dorner had threatened.
Dorner showed up and opened fire on them, grazing one in the head.
The officers opened fire on Dorner, who fled. That same day, Dorner
drove up next to a police car at an intersection and opened fire on
the car, killing one officer, and severely wounding the other. Later
that day, two officers protecting an individual who was severely
threatened by Dorner saw what they thought was Dorner's vehicle
nearby. They opened fire on this vehicle, wounding both occupants,
neither of whom were connected to the Dorner case. LAPD gave CNN
Dorner's manifesto, which revealed that Dorner would allegedly use
his Navy experience against LAPD officers in retribution for his
termination, and in response to the racism that supposedly still
prevails in the department. Again, later that day, officials found
Dorner's vehicle on fire near Big Bear Lake, Ca. A massive search
was set up on the mountain which lasted for 4 days. A $1 million
reward was offered for Dorner, and an arrest warrant was issued which
approved arrest anywhere in the world. On February 12
California Fish and Wildlife wardens saw Dorner driving a purple
Nissan down a road. They gave chase, which ended in a gunfight.
Dorner crashed the car, got out, carjacked a pickup, and took cover
in a nearby cabin. A shootout occurred, which killed one officer,
and wounded another. Police inadvertently burned down the cabin
Dorner was in. Inside wasthe charred remains of Dorner. Police
announced today, the 18
that it appears Dorner died due to a single gunshot wound to the
head, indicating that he committed suicide.

Monday, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he will be stepping down at
the end of the month, due to health reasons. He is the first pope to
step down in nearly 600 years. “After having repeatedly examined
my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my
strengths due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate
exercise of the Petrine ministry," the Pope said.

Carnival cruise liner “Celebration”, which caught fire February
finally reached port at Mobile, AL after being dead at sea for 5
days. Passengers were grateful to reach land after living in
horrible conditions: Overflowed toilets, little food, little space,
and little electricity.



guessing that since you're reading this, you're either bored, or
you're interested in the story that I have to tell. My name is Faith
Wild, and my story is one that has a lot of drama. This happened
back when I was 15, which was 3 years ago. Something happened to me
that changed my life forever, but before I get to that, you should
learn a little about me and my family. I had a fairly decent life
when I was 15, I had good parents, a sweet 14 year old sister named
Elisabeth, and my trouble making twin 8 year old brothers, Matthew
and Joseph. I had been home-schooled my entire life, until my
parents made the wonderful decision that I should start going to
public school. Those days were amazing. But that fateful day came,
the day my parents wanted to move. We only had 3 weeks to pack our
bags and get out of our house before the new owners would move in.
But I didn't understand why my parents would want to move. We had a
good life, I was popular in school, I had tons of friends, a best
friend I loved like crazy, a cute boy that liked me - the list could
go on. My parents bought a farm somewhere in the country in the
state of New York; I couldn't believe it! Me living in the
country?! Give me a break! I couldn't survive without cell phone
service! I was going to die in some deserted country side, with no
friends to comfort me. This is my story of how my life got twisted
up side down, and how my faith was tested. This is the story of my


CCWN will be beginning to post Campbell County statistics soon. Keep
reading and find out if you are among the most active citizens!

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Re: CCWN Edition II, Issue II, 2/18/13

Post by Sko on 18th February 2013, 4:36 pm

I can't wait for the next edition. Very Happy

I heard about the Pope's resignation, I think it's pretty interesting. As you said, it's the first papal resignation for quite a while. I'm not catholic, but I do have an interest in what's going on in the Vatican right now.

On Vacation
On Vacation

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Re: CCWN Edition II, Issue II, 2/18/13

Post by capeng on 18th February 2013, 4:42 pm

Yea, it's turning into quite a big deal. Quite a big ruckus is being raised over it. A lot of concern. I wish all the best to Pope Benedict XVI

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Re: CCWN Edition II, Issue II, 2/18/13

Post by Thor's Hammer on 18th February 2013, 4:45 pm

Cool and interesting new report

I hates Emily

Thor's Hammer

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Re: CCWN Edition II, Issue II, 2/18/13

Post by Bren on 18th February 2013, 4:47 pm

The only complaint I have is that I can't read the small cursive text and it strains my eyes.

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CC Founder

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Re: CCWN Edition II, Issue II, 2/18/13

Post by capeng on 19th February 2013, 9:04 am

Thank you Bren! Duly noted! Any fine-tuning anyone has to offer is welcome!

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Re: CCWN Edition II, Issue II, 2/18/13

Post by Sponsored content

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