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What are some things you hope science accomplishes in your lifetime?

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What are some things you hope science accomplishes in your lifetime?

I was doing my schoolwork today, and I thought this was on-topic enough to post here.

What are some things you hope science accomplishes in your lifetime?

Warp Drive.
Odyssey Class ships (Aventine Class would be better, though).
Nether Portals.
A worthy heir to the empty throne of the Concorde.
An actually usable OS that has more than just 1% of the desktop market.
A 64-Core 128-Bit CPU that runs at 1THz.
Linux 4.0.0
Minecraft 2.0
A unified theory of Quarks, Bosons, Maysons,and Baryons that makes it less confusing for average intelligence folks.
An OS better than Linux (That would be a real feat).
Mac OS Tabby Cat.
B&N Nook HD+++ (With an A++ rating on eBay)
An MP3 player in your brain that doesn't need earbuds or speakers. You load songs on it via Bluetooth, if that still exists at this point.
Unlimited breadsticks.
A way to forget lame jokes.
Intel Core i9.
A can of silly string that never runs out of string.
A way to upgrade Circa-2005 silver-colored Dell laptops to a 64-core 128-bit CPU running at 1THz.
Aventine Class ships.
Trill-style symbiotes for humans. Wouldn't that be awesome?
A way to type faster than c (the speed of light, not the programming language).
A calculator that can divide by zero.
Free Minecraft servers for all.

I could have kept going, but I decided against it. Smile

Care to post your own list? I'd love to read it. Also, my list is fully of geeky in-jokes, if you don't understand a part of it, just ask.

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