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My precious gift.

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My precious gift.

Last night me and my lil' bro were watching a movie about Purity. They talked about having high standards and saving yourself for the person you marry. Hmm, purity, you don't hear the word much in today's culture. The world seems to have forgotten about it. But i wanted to bring it up so yu guys can see my perspective on it. On my finger i wear my purity ring, which i got when i was 10. i didn't walk the walk for purity until i turned 13. i finally gave God my heart and my first kiss, and that when the guy of my dreams comes i would finally give them to him. I want to save myself for the best guy, and to not settle. My first kiss is my most precious possession. It's like a tea cup, once you break it you cant get the tea cup back. You can try, but the tea cup is never the same. It's the same with your first kiss, once you give it away you can't get it back. But would you rather have? Someone who has kissed 23 other people or 0? I'm hoping you'd say 0. What would you rather have? someone who's dated 8 other people or 0? Back when my grandma was a lil' girl the kiss was a very precious thing, if you had kissed while you were courting your daddy just might go and get his gun and chase that boy away! That's what my dad would do! I use to think there was no one like me, no one who would date for marriage, or save their kiss, i use to think guys like that were extinct! There are times i still do. I'll look around and see gorgeous girls who are dating the most handsome guys ever, and i feel really low and ugly. But looks dont last! My guy is gonna love me for the person that i am in the inside, yeah he wants me to be pretty, [and i hope he'll think i'm gorgeous] but this guy will care more about my heart. My goal is to become the person that the person i'm looking for is looking for....... Need me to rephrase that? i wanna become the girl that the guy of my dreams wants. I wanna be the girl that someone is dreaming about. I wanna have my guy be like "that's her! thats the girl i've dreamed about my whole life!! i wanna spend my whole life with her!!". Thats what i would want him to say about me. but i have to become that girl, i cant do it alone. That's why the bible talks about things that we should be. The bible that a quiet spirit is very precious in God's sight.

So what kind of person are you looking for? A kind, good-looking, godly person? Well you better become the person that that person wants! That's what i'm gonna strive to do. well, that's all for now. I'll try to write again soon. Love you guys!!
Love always,
The dreamer of dreams

"Girl, you are beautiful! So smile! Because someone might be falling in love with it!" <3
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My precious gift. :: Comments

Post on 15th December 2012, 1:06 pm by Thor's Hammer

I agree with you on all your points. Nothing really much left to say.

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Post on 15th December 2012, 1:18 pm by underseasie

Amazing! I really love your blog, Mary! Keep up the good work!

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Post on 16th December 2012, 10:41 am by Maria

thanks guys, i appreciate it

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